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Stony Kill’s Open Barn will be closed this weekend.

The barn will be closed to visitors this weekend, May 26 – 27. We will reopen the barn on June 2 and 3 from 11 am to 1 pm for visits with our animals. Thank you to all our supporters after the storm and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Stony Kill Farm is closed this weekend!

The storm this week caused a lot of damage and took down many of our large trees at both ends of Farmstead Lane. Our animals, staff and volunteers are okay and our buildings sustained minor damage. Open Barn will be closed this weekend along with Stony Kill Farm and all the trails until Monday, May 21. Please check our Facebook page and website for further updates over the coming weeks. Thank you!

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Stony Kill Farm is a 1,000 acre Environmental and Education Center located in New York’s Hudson Valley. We offer educational workshops and classes to children and adults about farming, environmental issues, and conservation. Stony Kill Farm has livestock that we care for. The animals are a integral part of our programming. Stony Kill Farm is the home to many sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens. The kids love them! We offer school field trips and farm to table education for NYC children. Seven years ago our funding was drastically reduced by NYS. Our farm was slated to be closed. Through a letter writing and petition campaign we were allowed to stay open, BUT we needed to become self supporting. We have stayed open through the hard work of our volunteers and by donations. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! Our veterinary bills and animal feed bills are very high. Please help us feed and care for our animals. Clink on this link to donate to SKF!’s Crowdrise campaign!

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