Spring Celebration

Spring Celebration and Plant Sale is Saturday, May 9 from 11 am to 3 pm. Please join us for a unique celebration of all things green and growing! This year’s celebration features a series of gardening workshops and demonstrations for the first time or experienced gardener. Please check back for a schedule of free workshops offered throughout the day and support our plant sale! See our list below of plants that will be available:

Black Beauty Eggplant * Rosa Bianca Eggplant * Swiss chard * Zucchini * Summer Squash * Butternut Squash * Spaghetti Squash * Pickling Cucumbers * Burpless Cucumbers * Blue Curled Kale * Golden Bell Pepper * Red Bell Pepper * Yellow Hotwax Hungarian Peppers * JalapeƱo Peppers * Big Jim Peppers * Carolina Reapers * Amana Orange Tomatoes * Purple Bumble Bee Tomatoes * Better Boy Tomatoes * Brandywine Tomatoes * Cherokee Purple Tomatoes * Lemon Boy Tomatoes * Opalka Tomatoes * San Marzano Tomatoes * Sungold Select Tomatoes * Supersweet Tomatoes * Oregano * Chives * Basil * Cilantro * Parsley * Sage