Our Fundraising Goal is Simple – Build a wagon. Feed the herd.

Stony Kill Farm is home to a herd of cows and sheep, who you may have met while strolling the farm lane. In summer, our four-legged friends frolic in an all-you-can-eat grass buffet in the pasture. And in winter they eat… HAY! Cultivated in the fields of the Stony Kill farmscape, we harvest our hay in summer, bale it up, and haul it back to the barn to store until those cold winter mornings when grass is scarce and Violet the cow wants breakfast. We make so much hay, that we need two huge wooden wagons to carry it. The challenge is: one of our old wagons desperately needs a rebuild.


Thanks to our donors and supporters, we have exceeded our HV Gives goal of $2,500 and raised enough to cover the total wagon cost of $2,876. Any donations made above the cost of the wagon will be used to support care of our wonderful animals at the farm throughout the year. Thank you!

Meet Violet
A docile bovine belle, Violet is a four-year-old Hereford who grazes Stony Kill’s pasture alongside her younger brother, Arthur, and the four other cows on the farm. Her hobbies include eating grass, laying down, and licking her nostrils. Violet is no stranger to the camera and is happy to help fundraise for a new hay wagon. After all, she does eat 5+ bales of hay a week!

About Stony Kill

Stony Kill Farm is a place to slow down, explore, and connect with experiences in nature and sustainable agriculture. Thousands of visitors come to the farm each year to participate in our hands-on education programs, cultivate the community garden, attend our festivals and events, hike the trails, and spend time with our cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, and turkeys. Stony Kill Foundation relies on the support of our community to help us care for the livestock, provide programming, and keep the farm going for all to enjoy. We are so excited about all we have been able to accomplish over the years, thanks to our supporters. Below are some of our successes from 2020:



Donations can be made by check to:

Stony Kill Foundation, 79 Farmstead Lane, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

Thank You!