Community Garden Plots

The Stony Kill Foundation rents garden plots for a minimal fee. In 2019 due to demand we expanded the garden plot area north of the existing area.  If you are interested in renting a plot please email us.

The Stony Kill Foundation Community Organic Garden Plot Program

 Conditions of Use

  1. Organic Gardening:  Use ONLY organic fertilizers and pesticides.  Chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides are prohibited (for example do not use Miracle-Grow).  To learn more about organic gardening methods, please contact the Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutches County at 845-677-8223.
  1. Fencing is permitted but cannot be higher than 5 feet.  They cannot be solid, light must be able to pass through it. No electric or barb wire fencing.
  1. No shelters or canopies.  Umbrellas are allowed but need to be closed at the end of the day and placed on the ground.  
  1. No food can be stored anywhere.
  1. Open containers / barrels need to be covered. 
  1. ONLY Garden related tools or implements are allowed.
  1. Water: In order to maintain sustainable water levels for everyone, proper water conservation methods will be mandated at all times.  In the event that a water emergency is declared by the State, all water supplies will be shut off.  
    • NOTE:  Stony Kill is open Dawn to Dusk.  Water will be turned off at dark and turned on at dawn.  
    • No personal garden hoses may be hooked up to the water lines.  Fill buckets and watering cans a the hose so each gardener has the opportunity to use the water hose system.  If one person keeps the hose open and continually uses the water, it stops the pressure that carries the water down the line to other gardeners waiting their turn. 
    • Do not leave the water running into a receptacle while you are watering your garden.  Waiting at the water hose can be a pleasant time to get to know one another, share grading tips and friendly conversation. 
    • If you discover a leak or break in the water line, please shut off the valve at the back of the greenhouse and email  
  1. Weeding:  All gardeners are expected to keep their plots well maintained.  the seeds from your weeds will spread to your neighbor’s plot, so respect your neighbor by weeding your garden and the lanes between the plots regularly.  If a plot has been abandoned and overgrown with weeds by June 1st, it will be able to be taken over by another interested participant.  Refunds will not be issued for repossessed plots.
  1. Mulching: Newspaper covered with grass clippings serves as a deterrent to unwanted weed growth between the rows.  Using plastic is prohibited – the plastic doesn’t enhance soil quality and interferes with tilling equipment and rainfall infiltration.
  1. Maintaining your plot:  Each day that a gardener works on his/her plot you are expected to pick up and dispose of all garbage, debris, waste and plastic that have accumulated.
  1. Boundaries: Respect the boundaries of other garden plots – do not enter another plot unless invited.
  2. Children: Children are welcome, but must be supervised at all times.  They should not throw stones, enter other gardens, engage in noisy play or in any way interfere with the gardening efforts of others.
  1. Security:  All gardeners should try to get to know their fellow gardeners.  If non-gardeners are observed in the area and it appears as though they are doing something they shouldn’t call 911.  If possible, write down the license plate number of the car.
  1. Noise Pollution: Many gardeners come to the Farm to enjoy the peaceful surroundings after a long hard day of work.  Radios or other electronic audio devices are prohibited.  Please use headphones.  
  1. Failure to follow the Conditions of the Use of the Stony Kill Foundation community Organic Garden Plot program will result in forfeiture of the opportunity to participate in the program.

We thank you all for your participation and cooperation