The Stony Kill Beekeeping Program provides opportunities for adults and children to learn about honeybees, how to maintain them, and their important role in our ecosystem. With the help of volunteers, the Foundation maintains an active bee apiary and observation hive at Stony Kill Farm. The SKF Bee Group is open to current SKF members who are interested in learning about beekeeping and participating in working meetings, alongside our head beekeeper. Monthly meetings will also be attended by our on-site Stony Ground 4H youth who are completing beekeeping projects each year.

The SKF Beekeeping Group meets on the first Saturday of the month at the SKF Bee Apiary from April to September. If rain is forecasted, the meeting will be cancelled with a post on this page and the Lower Dutchess County, NY: Beekeepers FB page. Attendees with bee suits are able to help and assist in the bee apiary during programs. Those without suits must station themselves outside the bee apiary and away from the hive entrances. We have only 2 suits available to borrow at first come first serve. Suits may not leave the property.

For more info about beekeeping at Stony Kill, email Kim Pennock at