The purpose of the Stony Kill Foundation Beekeepers Association is to learn to recognize the broad spectrum of the apiary experience by becoming a beekeeper. Regardless of your level of expertise, the goal of this group is to share apiary experiences and knowledge while mentoring or supporting each other. Topics include the anatomy, biology, and life cycle of the honeybee; different types of honeybees; disease recognition, both gross and microscopic; treatments; bee hardware construction and use; beekeeping tools such as the hive tool and smoker; pollen production and other products of the hive; apiary setup; how to obtain bees, both swarms and purchased packages, as well as installing them in the hives; creating a “beekeepers calendar”; feeding honeybees; inspection; bee lining to locate wild bees; collection, extraction, processing, and bottling honey; and, most important, gaining confidence, inner calm, and a deep appreciation of Apis mellifera, the honeybee.

The Bee Association meets monthly from February to November, offering members the opportunity to attend working meetings and guest lectures. Since we are working around the bee’s schedule, working meetings may take place on Saturdays and are generally held in the SKF Bee Yard located outside the Manor House. Protective suits are encouraged for working meetings. Once the weather warms up, we’ll plan to meet outdoors at the picnic tables as much as possible. For meetings that are held in our Learning Center, we will offer a Zoom meeting option for those who would prefer to join us virtually. To join, become a member of the Stony Kill Foundation and indicate that you are interested in joining the beekeeping program. Membership includes attendance to all SKF Beekeepers Association meetings and use of the extractor once a year ($20 each additional use). For non-members, there is a drop-in rate of $10 per meeting. Visit our Beekeepers Association Facebook page for more info.

2022 Bee Association Meeting Schedule

Please note: This is a tentative schedule that will be updated as we secure guest speakers. All meetings held in the Learning Center will be offered on Zoom as well. Meetings that are held indoors will require everyone to wear masks regardless of vaccine status.

TuesdayFebruary 17 pmUnderstanding winter lossesAndrew BucklandLearning Center/Zoom
TuesdayMarch 17 pmWorking meeting: Constructing hives & frames (bring your boxes and we’ll assemble together)Andrew Buckland and Rob CohenLearning Center
SaturdayApril 912 pmWorking meeting: Hive inspection at the bee yardReagan UpshawSKF Bee Yard
TuesdayMay 37 pmRequeening and splitting hivesTBDTBD
TuesdayJune 77 pmVarroa Mite ManagementTBDTBD
SaturdayJuly 912 pmWorking meeting: Mite TreatmentAndrew Buckland and Rob CohenSKF Bee Yard
TuesdayAugust 27 pmTBDMember of Northern Dutchess Bee AssociationTBD
SaturdaySeptember 1012 pmPot luck picnic & honey tasting Picnic Tables
TuesdayOctober 47 pmTBD TBD
TuesdayNovember 5 Working meeting: Winterizing the hivesAndrew Buckland & Rob CohenSKF Bee Yard
 December NO MEETING: Happy Holidays!