The purpose of the SKF Beekeepers Association is to learn to recognize the broad spectrum of the apiary experience by becoming a beekeeper. Regardless of your level of expertise, the goal of this group is to share apiary experiences and knowledge while mentoring or supporting each other. Topics include the anatomy, biology, and life cycle of the honeybee; different types of honeybees; disease recognition, both gross and microscopic; treatments; bee hardware construction and use; beekeeping tools such as the hive tool and smoker; pollen production and other products of the hive; apiary setup; how to obtain bees, both swarms and purchased packages, as well as installing them in the hives; creating a “beekeepers calendar”; feeding honeybees; inspection; bee lining to locate wild bees; collection, extraction, processing, and bottling honey; and, most important, gaining confidence, inner calm, and a deep appreciation of Apis mellifera, the honeybee.