Homeschool on the Farm

Stony Kill Foundation and Common Ground Farm are teaming up for Homeschool on the Farm this Fall. We’ll be offering an 8-session outdoor program that will have hands-on farm-based learning. Each morning, Stony Kill educators will lead a hands-on workshop focused on the barn animals and the natural landscape of Stony Kill Farm. In the afternoons, Common Ground educators will lead workshops that encompass vegetable farming and culinary skills. Each morning and afternoon workshop is planned to be complementary. Families can choose to do both or one or the other.

Homeschool on the Farm will be offered on Thursdays for an eight week series.

Each two hour program (morning or afternoon) is $25 per session for the first child and $10 for each additional child or $190 for the full eight week series for the first child and $70 for each additional child.

Morning programs will take place from 10am to noon with Stony Kill Foundation.

Afternoon programs will take place from 1 to 3 pm with Common Ground.

All programs are 100% outdoors, with limited time in the barn to visit with the animals during the morning sessions. All families will be physically distanced on their own picnic blankets. All participants must bring a mask. Limit to each workshop is 10 families. Recommended ages 6-12. Parents are expected to stay on-site. Workshops are subject to cancellations if inclement weather is predicted. All participants must register in advance.

As of 8/29/20: We have reached our maximum number of families for the full series sessions. You will be put on a waiting list and contacted if a family drops out. Register here for the SKF morning program—families can sign up per session or for the full series. Register at to sign up for the afternoon program.

9/17 Bees: 

In the morning, learn all about honeybees on the farm, their important roles as pollinators and how our Stony Kill beekeepers care for our bees with a visit to the bee yard. We’ll make spring flings filled with wild flower seeds to attract pollinators and everyone will complete part of the Junior Naturalist booklet and receive a 2019 patch!

In the afternoon, join Common Ground for a tour of our flowering crops that require pollination to fruit. After we take some time to observe pollinators in action, we will make a dish that includes vegetables that were pollinated by bees, and honey that was made by bees.  

9/24 Seeds:

In the morning, Stony Kill will take you through the path of a travelin’ seed and how it gets from one place to another through different dispersal methods. We’ll play a seed game and plant some seeds to bring home and observe.

In the afternoon, join Common Ground, where we will spend time in the Children’s Garden. We will collect seeds from various plants in the garden to save, make our own seed packets, and we will make a snack using seeds!

10/1 Insects:

In the morning, we’ll learn about insect characteristics and the different insects that are found in our fields, forest floor and in our gardens. We’ll be looking at our insect specimens and creating our own critter using natural and some craft materials. We’ll complete a page from our Junior Naturalist booklet and everyone will get a 2020 patch!

In the afternoon, join Common Ground as we explore the roles of insects on the farm. We will spend time looking for pests and helpers, and learning about the roles that insects play in agriculture. We will capture insects in our own bug boxes, identify them, and make bug art to take home!

10/8 Cows:

In the morning, Stony Kill will take you on a tour of our barn to see our heritage breed cows up close. We’ll learn about what they eat, how they produce milk and we’ll play a farm game. 

In the afternoon, join Common Ground as we make our own compound herb butter to top veggies we harvest ourselves and to take home. 

10/15 Eggs:

In the morning, we’ll tour the Stony Kill chicken coop to meet and learn about our heritage breed hens and the journey of an egg. We’ll compare different eggs from different birds, take the egg strength test and dissect an egg. It will be eggciting!

In the afternoon, join Common Ground as we cook a delicious dish, with veggies we harvest and fresh farm eggs! 

10/22 Animal and Plant Adaptations:

In the morning, we’ll learn about wild and domestic animal adaptations and we’ll play a predator prey game. We’ll focus on owls, how they adapt to their forest environment and dissect owl pellets. 

In the afternoon, we will explore the many adaptations that plants have to survive, including ways that they communicate with each other, seed dispersal, leaf adaptations, and more! After our visit with the plants, we will make our own art using materials sourced from plants. 

10/29 Pumpkins:

In the morning, we’ll learn about the history of jack-o-lanterns, enjoy the story of Sleepy Hollow and investigate pumpkins using scientific methods.

In the afternoon, we will explore pumpkins and their cousins squash and gourd. We explore different products and foods that come from these crops, and we will decorate our own (gourds? Pumpkins? I can’t remember if you wanted to carve pumpkins, or if you were going to focus on the historical stuff) Sember: i think I’ll skip the carving but I may do pumpkin pie in a bag. 

11/5 Turkeys and Autumn Harvest:

In the morning, we’ll visit our heritage Turkeys and learn about our two breeds, Bourbon Reds and Naragansett. We’ll learn about the history of turkeys, their role on the farm, and we’ll collect some feathers to investigate. 

In the afternoon, we will celebrate the end of our harvest season by preparing some Thanksgiving favorite sides, including kale salad, roasted sweet potatoes, and campfire apple cobbler!