One of the most amazing things about Stony Kill Farm is just how many different ways people connect to this local treasure. Hikers explore the trails. Families stop to talk with the cows. Birders discover rare species. Artists capture the landscape with paint and canvas.

Stony Kill is a place where we can slow down and admire the scenery, and amidst difficult times, the farm and its trails are a refuge where we can take a deep breath.

“It is very rare that my kids don’t learn something when they come here. We might just stop by in the afternoon for a minute and they are off exploring, finding a new plant or something.”

– Yvette Valdes

Over 19,000 people have visited the farm in 2020. Despite the pandemic, Stony Kill Foundation’s volunteers and small staff have been able to continue providing programming safely and connecting people to rich experiences outdoors.

  • Our new Farm Pod program is giving students whose schools are closed a safe way to engage in experiential education together.
  • Our Open Barn program allowed 1,100+ people to meet the livestock up close and learn about our heritage breed conservation program.
  • Our 133 community garden plots provided a space for friends and families to cultivate the earth and harvest veggies in one of the most peaceful settings around.
  • Our programs with San Miguel Academy in Newburgh and the Stony Ground 4-H club have provided ongoing livestock caretaker training for students.

Your support makes this all possible. Please make a donation today to support our education programs, livestock care, and helping preserve Stony Kill Farm for all to enjoy.

Thank you for supporting this treasured place!

Erik Fyfe
Executive Director, Stony Kill Foundation